Tyre Section

Wheels and tyres are the main parts of a vehicle and CARS take maximum care of them. Different varieties of tyres are neatly stacked in the section an customers can select any brand according to their choice.

Wheel balancing is done whenever there is a vibration in the steering wheel. When the wheels are not evenly balanced, they are placed on an electronic machine which gives an indication on which portion of the tyre needs extra weight and which is added on.

If the tyres you buy are out of round or out of weight, to correct these unavoidable flaws, tyres have to be balanced at high speed on a wheel balancing machine. The technician adds little lead weight around the wheel’s circumference. This may not strictly repair but corrects the tyre wheel balance. When the tyres sometimes come off, the tyre is no longer balanced. An out of balanced front tyre, not only has short life but throws the front end of the steering out of balance and the car performance is poor.

Tyres are changed in our pneumatic tyre fitting machine and balanced by the electronic wheel balancing in a short time with the help of the tyre technicians. Then it is road tested for the correctness of the work.